• Datacenter & Server Solutions
  • Managed Server Solutions
  • Web Hosting & Domains

DeviantHost is renowned for having carved a name for itself in the provision of outsourcing services and managed and administered server solutions. The variety of customized server solutions we offer have been developed to meet your web hosting needs and to maximize all the resources.

There is room for more customization as well which can be secured by utilizing the various options contained in our packages and through many management levels. An experienced team of management and IT experts armed with the most advanced technological means offer the best level of service to both novice and high-level users so that they can give time to their businesses while remaining in charge of their servers.

Datacenter & Server Solutions

Sophisticated, large-scale or powerful server solutions.

  • Dedicated Server
  • International Colocation
  • Cloud Server
  • OpenStack Server
  • Virtual Data Center
  • Backup & Data Storage Server

The managed server solutions we offer are devised specifically for high-end users or organizations that require a highly advanced server and internet hosting solution. We operate this department from our datacenters. This department is dedicated to providing customers with unmanaged solutions that have been specifically altered to the needs of the users, robust substitutes and high-end support which is ably backed up by our experts.

We provide you an extensive list of servers and offer you the choice of international colocation as well to reduce costs and still providing a satisfying solution to our online presence issues. The system engineers we have at our disposal design flexible virtual data centers that have been configured individually to meet the specific needs of different types of businesses. The services we offer are specially designed for safe storage of data and cross-border activities.

We offer an extensive list of locations when it comes to our managed server solutions. Strict security, modern facilities, maximum uptime, personalized advanced support, redundant safety and super-fast networks at a reasonable price are some of the essentials of our services.

Managed Server Solutions

Managed servers & on-demand server solutions

  • Fully Managed Server
  • Managed High-Availability Server
  • Managed Web Cluster
  • Managed Cloud Server
  • Managed Terminal Server
  • Managed Streaming Server
  • Managed VoIP Server

We have a web hosting services department as well which is responsible for grouping services for smaller shared server solutions. This includes different types of hosting, domain name and servers and services. We provide customers with an extensive choice of intelligently designed options in a robust infrastructure on a regional, local, national or international level.

Any SME is going to find it extremely beneficial to be able to select web hosting services that come with so many smart options and still provide cost-effectiveness and quality of service. The specific services we offer encompass all the avenues that most entrepreneurs are not ready or qualified to determine.

Web hosting & Domains

Domain & shared server services

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Virtual Private Server
  • Shared Hosting
  • Website & Email Hosting
  • WordPress Site Hosting
  • CMS Hosting
  • eCommerce & Cart Hosting

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