Why Choose Deviant Host

Each type of VPS hosting service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks!

When you are trying to create an excellent website to assist you in growth in business, you also need to ensure that there is the highest level of performance. That’s where the web server plays a vital part. A slow website can turn off your potential clients, which eventually leads to less conversion rate and less revenue generation. So, when there is time, and you have various options to choose a VPS hosting in USA like Deviant Host, try making a smart choice.

Simply hosting will not solve your company’s goal. You need perfect results. VPS or virtual private server option by Deviant Host is one such option that you must consider, as it’s slowly having a strong grip over the market. We provide you with hassle-free VPS hosting servers with managed support. You get complete server management and software & application assistance too. We have round-the-clock professional help for you to give you and your user a glitch-free smooth experience.

45 day Guarantee

The virtual private servers we offer are covered by a full SLA certificate; are scalable and become online very quickly. We start billing them after you start using them. The solid infrastructure that Deviant Host possesses makes your VPS to function in a similar manner as a dedicated server.

Only Use What You Need

Select the package that you think is right for your resource and performance needs. You can upgrade your package at any time if you feel there is a need to enhance your resources.


99.9% of Our servers are built to never go down. They are being monitored 24/7 and even if they do our server expert will be notify and repairing them immediately

Why Choose Deviant Host

For quickly expanding enterprises, consistent hosting performance is essential.

VPS hosting in USA is the latest approach to ensure that your website works at peak performance, providing speed, privacy, hosting control, administration, the option to upgrade at any time, and a slew of other incredible benefits for your domain. VPS hosting is a popular choice for small and medium-sized enterprises. Its popularity stems from its ability to rent tiny sections of a server devoted entirely to one’s business for a fraction of the cost of shared hosting. This 2-in-1 hosting approach offers a cost-effective, flexible, and fully scalable environment that scales with your business’s development in a single click. Choosing the best VPS hosting services in USA, on the other hand, is critical since your virtual business will be totally dependent on it!

As an experienced and trustworthy VPS hosting providers in USA, we ensure that companies reach their full potential without breaking the bank by providing low-cost Windows and Linux VPS hosting solutions.

Scales with Your Company

If your company grows in size, your VPS will be ready. Easy scalability allows you to start as little as you can afford and grow when you need more disc space, CPU power, or bandwidth.

Maintain Control

Because you do not rely on your virtual neighbors, your resources are entirely isolated in their virtual environment, allowing you to achieve higher stability and performance. You have complete control over how your website is run, whether through installing a bespoke application or settings.

Power at a Reasonable Cost

Allow your business to soar, not your budget. By providing you with all of the resources, you require at a cheaper cost.

Virtual Server Hosting Technical Specifications

Guaranteed Resources in VPS Server Hosting

Our Linux KVM-based VPS provides constant top-tier performance, and the server’s resources may be expanded as your business grows.

Secure Environment

Each VPS server is completely isolated from the other tenants, and you can improve server security using cPanel/Plesk.

Using the latest in server technology

The most recent servers have greater compute, memory and are equipped with SSD-based storage. All of this contributes to improved VM performance.

A first-rate network

Our network was built in collaboration with many reputable ISPs to ensure high stability, remove single points of failure, and provide integrated DDoS protection at NO extra cost!
With the best VPS hosting providers in USA, you can enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting at the cost of shared hosting.

Features to Improve Your Gear

Control over the hosting environment

Begin small and expand as you go. Install bespoke apps that meet your company’s needs, or stick with the defaults; the decision is yours! We offer you complete root access!

Safe and dependable

Flexible security layers surround a VPS-hosted site. All data transactions are encrypted and therefore secured from data compromise. With the finest VPS hosting, you can protect your data and website.

Guaranteed uptime of 99.99 percent

We offer a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee that includes the availability of our servers and all network components across all of our data centers.

An intuitive dashboard

With this one, we made a lot of people’s life a lot simpler. Our hosting panel is straightforward to use, so you don’t need to be a VPS hosting ninja to keep track of resources and backups.

24/7 support

Hosting is a difficult business, and mistakes are common. Don’t worry if you’ve got a problem with your VPS hosting servers and can’t figure it out. We provide technical help to clients at all hours of the day and night.

Choose your Data Center

A data center close to your location offers a faster and more enjoyable experience for your website’s visitors. Choose VPS hosting services in USA from Deviant Host, which are both monitored around the clock.

Deviant Host employs cutting-edge hypervisors on hardware and servers that support hybrid technology. The User-Friendly GUI Control Panel allows you to control and monitor your VPS Web Hosting. This hosting option enables you to have all of the benefits of a Dedicated Server at a lower cost. Now you may enjoy the full power of a Virtual Private Server on a user-friendly platform.

Let’s see how our VPS hosting providers in USA works against the competition.

Fast, affordable Virtual Private Servers with a variety of options

VPS hosting provides the double advantage of economical shared hosting as well as a dedicated server’s security. The VPS hosting service we provide is not only fast but is supplemented by a tireless customer support and a wide variety of packages that are tailored for people with varying budgets.

One-click set-up

The Softaculous 1-Click installer that we offer you can install applications like Joomla, WordPress, phpBB, OpenCart, Drupal and others in less than a minute.

24/7 secure monitoring

We thus offer highly customizable cost-efficient VPS packages with top-grade virtual machines, unconditional support and high-level data security.

Support around the clock

We don’t take holidays and our System Network Admin and Customer Service Staff remain available day in and day night all throughout the week.


Each type of VPS hosting service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks!


$9.99 /month

  • 1 vCore(s)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 30 GB SSD
  • Unlimited Traffic


VPS Cloud RAM 2

$70.99 /month

  • 4 vCore(s)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 150 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Traffic



$14.99 /month

    • 1 vCore(s)
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 30 GB SSD
    • Unlimited Traffic



$20.99 /month

  • 2 vCore(s)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 60 GB SSD
  • Unlimited Traffic


VPS Cloud RAM 1

$40.99 /month

  • 2 vCore(s)
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 80 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Traffic


VPS Hosting Feature

Each type of VPS hosting service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks !


By making you feel in control we offer cPanel and WHM, allowing you to change how your website look and feel

High Performance Configurations

All of our VPS have both performance and reliability with a variety of options at an affordable price.

Outstanding Support

Our operators are standing by to support you in every way with cPanel, setting up, troubleshoot, and much more to help your business grow.

Effective Splitting of Resources

Shared Hosting can be referred to as a dormitory where you do have a separate folder in your account but the CPU and RAM are both shared with other sites. The VPS on the other hand is more of an apartment which although is in the same building but does not share anything with the outside (because of KVM). Thus, you get all the benefits of shared hosting minus its drawbacks.

Select Your Support Level

If you are in need of a managed VPS, we can offer that to you as well. We are going to maintain and monitor your VPS and charge a small monthly fee. Our customer support is very responsive and helpful and we get back to you within minutes.

Deviant Host Infrastructure

The delivery of the VPS solutions is done from the infrastructure we have located in Washington, D.C. and you can rest assured that we are in control all the time. Because of this, we can provide the best web hosting experience to you than those companies which are only reselling the services of others.

Build Awesome Websites with Davianthost

Each type of hosting service we provide

Change your configuration at anytime

Seamlessly reconfigure your VPS configuration at anytime should you need more resources.

Save time with our Prefefined Layouts

Objectively implement just in time markets with end-to-end services. Monotonically build equity invested e-markets whereas inexpensive e-tailers.

Why Should You Choose Deviant Host VPS Hosting Services

Excellent performance

Unlike other hosting plans, VPS will ensure that you will have your own space, which means your endeavor remains independent of other users. This will ensure that other VPS hosting providers in USA will not affect or cause any functionality problem in your website. Like, if the traffic in your website increases with growth in your business, it’s not the shared server that receives high traffic. Rather your website performance is not determined or affected due to sharing space at all.

Better control

When you are using VPS server hosting, the best advantage is you can control your root environment. If you do not have root environment control, the hosting provider gives you support and there could be a security issue. The hosting service provider will provide shared software and not any industry-specific software. So, by using best VPS hosting providers in USA, you are free to implement necessary software changes in the server.

Expandability increases

When you expect growth in business and high traffic, you must switch over or choose VPS, as it provides scalability. So any scale-up operation will not interfere with the functioning of the server. And your website will continue operations without interruption and any expandability issues.

With innovative technology and constantly improving business thought to utilize technology to its maximum limit, VPS must be your preferred option for hosting a website with Deviant Host. VPS ensures flexibility and provides expansibility that will be helpful for your business growth plan. It is the best affordable option to serve your business goal for years to come.

Jump in now and give your business a boost!

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