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Host multiple sites under one account Powered by cpanel/WHM

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Virtual Private Server

Root access virtual private server with choice of operating system

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Get the Powerful VPS, Web Hosting, Dedicated Server and Domain in The USA from DeviantHost-

Deviant Host is a  leading web hosting company in the United States for any business size, type & budget. We started our journey with a mission that is to deliver the best web hosting solutions even to the lowest ladder of businesses. We gauged the digital revolution much earlier than others. In 2011, others were thinking of starting a business in the hosting domain when we started our service. 

Like others, we started with a few multi-skilled and passionate IT professionals. We have always had a single goal which is to provide fast, safe, cheap, and reliable shared web hosting services in USA.

Since our inception, we’ve served thousands of clients. Over 70000 websites, 27 data centers, and millions of smiles are a good feat for us. We believe we don’t serve businesses, we serve people. Real users get learning, entertainment, work, and more with our VPS hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and other hosting plans. 


Buy Dedicated Server Hosting In USA And Get Unparallel Service

We feel proud to state that thousands of businesses get a high-performance network from us and growing fast in this online space. The server maintenance engineer takes proactive steps to ensure the server is fast and accessible irrespective of the traffic and other parameters. 

Now, we’re able to provide enterprise-level web hosting even to web developers, freelancers, or small business owners. Since our start, there is no turning back. More and more people started joining our team, and we grew from a small web hosting company to the best web hosting company in the USA


How we are apart from other Web Hosting companies in the United States

  • 1400 + clients availing our secure hosting server from USA & abroad.
  • 98 % client retention is achieved because of consistent efforts to deliver full value for money.
  • Highest customer service response time is as fast as just 5 minutes
  • 100 + products & services under one business name:- Deviant Host
  • Tier – 4 data centers across the USA and other places
  • Only premium quality Windows VPS servers in the USA shared hosting and dedicated hosting, etc.
  • 10 + freebies, transparent pricing, 24 x 7 support for any hosting plans 
  • Multiple payment options, flexible hosting plans, and perpetual security

Free domain name registration in usa with a dedicated server or long-term hosting plans.

Best Web Hosting Services in USA For Small Business

Operating system management

The packages we offer at Deviant Host include open source software and management and maintenance of business operating systems. We offer you the chance to choose from a range of powerful operating systems: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Microsoft, Free BSD and Fedora Core. We also install any other OS chosen by our clients.

Network management

There are many additional services included in managed dedicated servers which are supplemented with complete or limited proactive advanced technical support. We offer the necessary services and support to the novice users who have not managed a dedicated server before without hampering their ability to regulate the activity of the server.

Dedicated server management

There are many additional services included in managed dedicated servers which are supplemented with complete or limited proactive advanced technical support. We offer the necessary services and support to the novice users who have not managed a dedicated server before without hampering their ability to regulate the activity of the server.

Security Management

The protection of your network, data and managed private servers is high on the list of our dedicated server management experts and they do everything in their power to ensure it. The most advanced scanning software is used for intensively monitoring all of our operating systems. Intruders, Trojans, malicious codes, hackers, spammers, worms and crashers are all meticulously tracked and installation of additional firewall software and security devices is made upon the request of the customer.

What Are the Benefits of Using Our Web Hosting Services in USA?

Exceptional Results

Dedicated servers, storage, and networking allow a hosting company to tailor a cloud solution to a customer’s specific needs, resulting in the optimal app and website performance. A dedicated environment in a private cloud or public cloud is the same.

Flexibility across many clouds

Customers’ dedicated hosting environments may be scaled to their preferred cloud, such as AWS® or Microsoft® Azure®, allowing them to take advantage of both platforms’ particular benefits.

Enhanced Security

With a specialized environment that meets the standards of PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and FISMA, you may achieve greater levels of industry-specific compliance and security. Microsoft®, Rackspace®, and VMware® private clouds, for example, provide the ultra-security required for regulatory compliance.

Enhanced Control

Noisy neighbours have no access to your dedicated servers, storage, network capacity, or other solution components.

Stuck with your old web host?

Don’t worry; you don’t have to suffer any more. You can have your account transferred free of cost. We’ll transfer all of your email addresses, files, website settings and databases easily and swiftly. So, don’t remain stuck with a web host that isn’t reliable and is slowing you down.

Unlimited disk space

Some of the shared web hosting sites have restrictions on the disk space you need. We have plenty of storage space to offer at anytime you need to expand your business.

Skilled Support Teams

We have the most experienced and skilled server and networking experts in our support team. This gives us the chance to offer you the most helpful advice and knowledge through our responsive and fast support system.

Unlimited bandwidth

Need more power for that traffic spike? Instantly increase your bandwidth and get lighting fast unlimited bandwidth speed when you need it.

Amazing Hardware

Our hardware is thoroughly tested by our server experts to ensure it is always at peak performance. With our list of upgrades there is always  plenty of options to choose from and this enables Deviant Host to provide our customers the performance and reliability that they need. All of this at a low affordable price.

You choose the quotas

Select the package that you think is right for your resource and performance needs. You can upgrade your package at any time if you feel there is a need to enhance your resources.

Connect With Our Premium Support Team For a Whole Range of Services

We undertake various efforts to support customers like you, happy and satisfied. Data safety and security are always paramount for us. We fulfill this responsibility each time, every time when you buy VPS server in the USA with us. 


Choose Hosting Of Your Choice

We’ve hundreds of product categories for you to choose from and manage your online business. Advanced hosting, shared hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, and others have multiple product categories. 

Increase Plans With Few Clicks

You’ve grown from thousands of users per day to millions of users per day. We’ve got your back. Choose to connect with us or do it by yourself through the control panel login.  

Data Monitoring, Security, And Server Maintenance

We provide proactive peace of mind with a dedicated customer service team available 24 x 7 x 365. The team is trained and equipped with all the advanced systems to solve the existing problem along with preventing future problems. For best geo-redundancy, we have level 3 technicians on-site at every data center. 

We’re the fastest growing Windows VPS Server in the USA


Why Should Anyone Choose Deviant Host? 


Use Of HTTP/2

Why get slow speed when you can power-pack your site with lightning-fast speed with HTTP/2? With our spam-free web hosting service, you get HTTP/2 that loads the webpage faster than HTTP. HTTP/2 comes with a higher ability to deliver more HTTP requests at a time by giving priority to requests having high preferences. As per experts, HTTP/2 loads approx 20 to 30 % faster than HTTP. 

Updated Version Of TLS Protocol- TLSv1.3

TLS 1.3 is the newest and most secure version to date. As a shared web hosting service in USA, we use 1.3 with every hosting plan. It ensures that you get better speed compared to previous versions and a lot more advanced features. Currently, Google Chrome and Firefox support this version that covers approx 80 % of browser share together.

In the coming days, other browsers will also support TLS 1.3. You remain ahead of others with our hosting service. You may also buy Virtual private servers in the USA from us. 

NVMe SSD For Better Performance

With our hosting plan, you get an NVMe SSD that efficiently supports businesses by utilizing PCI Express® (PCIe®) solid state drives.

Buy dedicated server hosting in the USA and get next-generation solid-stage storage technology known for its high performance and fast speed. 

24 x 7x 365 Support

We are just a chat, call, or email away from you. We have an in-house team of customer support staff helping customers with utmost dedication and passion. Choose any convenient way of contact and get in touch with us. 

 Complete Data Security with End-To-End Encryption

We provide end-to-end data encryption of Web data, Backup, Datafiles, Exports, etc., with affordable Oracle hosting plans. 

Free Migration

If you believe Deviant Host can serve you better than your existing Web Hosting Company in the United States, just let us know. We love to get appreciation from customers and offer free migration to them without any hustle.  We also help in database, app, and workspace imports.

Best Security And Data Privacy

Do you know, that all our data centers get audited by third-party trusted hosting audit companies? Yes, we do that to create credibility and trust among our customers. We configure our servers with best-in-class standard controls such as CIS and NIST. What’s more! We have placed a team of tech professionals to monitor, detect, analyze and respond to any server-related issues 24 x 7.

Easy Reporting

There is flexibility to generate reports in a pixel-perfect and flexible format. Use BI, PLPDF, or JasperReports; our hosting service supports all. Buy VPS server in the USA from us and enjoy the easiest way of reporting. 

Daily Backup

You do not need to tell us when to take backup as we do it religiously every day. Yes, you heard that right. We take daily backups so that you do not need to worry about data losses. Whatever changes you make every day, we keep it safe with us for your use in case of any incidents/requirements. 

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  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

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Customer support at Deviant Host is very exceptional. They are very great; they are willing to help at any time of day. It's like night and day when I went

Anthony King
I've been a Deviant Host customer for almost 13 years. They have always been very accommodating and supportive, especially during these trying times. I contacted customer support and received a
Kevin Chandler
For almost 10 years, I've been a Deviant Host client. I adore the dependability, but it's the service that I'm writing about today. I've had many positive experiences with the
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