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Best dedicated server hosting providers in USA like Deviant host provides absolute isolation, control, and security for mission-critical applications. This type of Internet hosting involves using physical servers devoted to a single corporate client. To meet their specific needs, customers may customize their machines to their exact specifications, including performance and security. Physical server and environment and all associated services and technical support are provided by the hosting service provider (Host).

USA Dedicated Server hosting is identical to managed hosting service, dedicated server, and dedicated hosting service.

Features of Dedicated Hosting That Are Important to Your Success

Dedicated hosting is often a significant improvement for a website. The deviant host is well-known for providing maximum value while staying within your budget. Their managed servers have a dependable architecture and the tools to help your website reach its full potential.

The ability to choose between a managed and unmanaged dedicated server allows first-time users to take advantage of top server speeds. However, Deviant host’s Dedicated Server Hosting Plans in USA provides developers and IT teams complete discretion over how to optimize their servers and websites.

If you are a business owner who is smashing it and getting more and more traffic to your thriving website, cheap dedicated server hosting USA is for you. If you’re presently using a shared VPS or cloud server that isn’t meeting your demands, it’s time to explore dedicated hosting.

Perhaps what makes it necessary for you to have a cheap dedicated server hosting in the USA, let’s explore:

  1. Your website traffic is increasing day-by-day, and you are anticipating substantial growth in the near future.
  2. Due to business growth, you now have more than one website for different domains.
  3. You need top-notch security for your customers and, above all, your data.
  4. The website needs to perform better in terms of loading time.
  5. You want to have your terms according to which you can control the server.


Based on the reason, if it’s inevitable that you certainly need an upgrade, you may have more than one option, buy dedicated server hosting in the US being one of them. You can upgrade your existing plan by choosing VPS, cloud hosting, or a dedicated server.

All three options can help if you only desire for large bandwidth or speeding the load time. However, when data security is concerned, and absolute control is the reason, cheap dedicated server hosting is best. Certainly, budget is also a big factor that needs consideration, and if cost is not constrained, you can never go wrong with getting a dedicated server.

What distinguishes Deviant host?

Maximum efficiency

Your resources consist of completely dedicated bare metal servers constructed with cutting-edge components. We design, construct and maintain 400k physical servers worldwide to provide you with optimized configurations for your unique project.


Deploy your servers in our 30 data centers across the world in less than 120 seconds. You benefit from a secure, high-resilience network to assure your customers’ service continuity.


You construct a dependable technological base for your company applications by establishing a Deviant host dedicated server’s infrastructure. The option to link your servers with other Deviant host solutions, such as Hosted Private Cloud and Public Cloud, increases the scalability of your infrastructure even further.


Buy dedicated server hosting in USA from Deviant host and you will have access to innovative and one-of-a-kind technologies throughout our whole infrastructure. We are continuously anticipating your future requirements.

Included in the price of your dedicated server

Unrestricted bandwidth and traffic

Each dedicated server has a minimum public bandwidth of 500 Mbit/s, with a surge available to absorb peak demand on occasion. The amount of incoming and outgoing traffic is limitless and free (except our datacentres located in the Asia Pacific). You can also choose to increase your broadband capacity if necessary.


The Deviant host Control Panel allows you to install a variety of operating systems instantly. This covers different operating systems (Windows Server, Debian, Ubuntu, or CentOS), web administration interfaces Plesk and cPanel, and database software Microsoft SQL Server. There are additional virtualization options available, such as VMware, CoreOS, and Windows Hyper-V.

Backup storage space of 500GB

Each windows dedicated server hosting in USA comes with 500GB of backup storage capacity. This area is entirely independent of the server and is intended to store your data and configuration files. If necessary, the storage capacity may be expanded.

Anti-DDoS protection

An anti-DDoS solution is integrated with every Deviant host dedicated server to ensure optimum protection for your infrastructures. It guarantees that your apps continue to function in the case of an attack.

Help and assistance

When you buy dedicated server hosting in USA from Deviant host, you will receive technical assistance via phone and email. You can also speak with one of our experts, who are eager to assist you. We also provide various manuals and an online help center to help you set up and manage your services.

Do you have a question about Dedicated Server Hosting Plans in USA? We have the solution!


Select The Best Configuration
Intel Pentium G4400 2 Cores x 3.3 GHz 6GB 500GB HDD 10TB $89

Single Xeon E5630 4 Cores x 2.53 GHz

8GB 500GB HDD 20TB $99
DUAL XEON X5570 4 Cores x 2.93 GHz 6GB 2 x 500GB 20TB $119
DUAL XEON X5570 4 Cores x 2.93 GHz 12GB 1TB HDD 20TB $139
DUAL XEON X5570 4 Cores x 2.93 GHz 24GB 1TB HDD 20TB $159
DUAL XEON X5570 4 Cores x 2.93 GHz 32GB 1TB HDD 20TB $179
DUAL XEON E5520 4 Cores x 2.26 GHz 16GB 2 X 1TB HDD 20TB $199
DUAL XEON E5520 4 Cores x 2.26 GHz 32GB 2 X 250GB (SSD) 20TB $299
DUAL XEON X5550 4 Cores x 2.26 GHz 48GB 2 X 300GB HDD (10K) 20TB $329
DUAL XEON L5640 6 Cores x 2.27 GHz 32GB 4 X 250GB (SSD) 20TB $349
DUAL XEON X5650 6 Cores x 2.67 GHz 32GB 2 X 300GB HDD (10K) 20TB $389
DUAL XEON X5650 6 Cores x 2.67 GHz 64GB 2 X 500GB 40TB $399
QUAD XEON X7560 8 Cores x 2.26 GHz 32GB 4 X 500GB HDD (RAID10) 40TB $419
QUAD XEON X7560 8 Cores x 2.26 GHz 64GB 4 X 1TB HDD (RAID10) 40TB $449

Why choose us

Each type of dedicated web hosting service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks!

RAID Capability

Our high-end servers support RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, and RAID 10 configurations for the ultimate redundancy and performance suit your needs.

24/7/365 Expert Support

The technical team we have at our disposal is very experienced and can help you in sorting out any issues. They are available round the clock and can be contacted by creating a support ticket. They will respond quickly and try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

cPanel & WHM Control Panel

We offer cPanel & WHM control panel as a add-on across our range of dedicated servers. Our team have many years’ experience supporting this platform and we’d recommend it if you’d like a straightforward way to manage multiple websites The WHM & cPanel control panel is offered on all of our dedicated servers as an add-on. It is one of the best platforms for managing multiple websites and our team has many years of experience in providing support for it.

High-performance Servers

Buy from Deviant Host with confidence – all servers use high-specification Supermicro hardware which offers the best possible performance. You can buy any Deviant Host dedicated server with the confidence that it will have a high-specification Supermicro hardware that delivers the best performance possible.


Robust and efficient dedicated servers. Up and Running within hours

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