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Web server administration is a very complex job no matter which management level you have chosen and most of the inexperienced users would easily get confused in handling its different tasks. Experienced administrators often have the know-how regarding the web server administration tasks but are either not available or don’t concentrate on the problem. We provide personalized, versatile and friendly technical support as well as dedicated server management services to both sets of users. It is because of the excellent quality of our support staff that our client retention rate is quite high.

General description of our technical support

No matter which occupational group you belong to, technology will have a role to play in it. Most of the time companies tend to automate the web server administration and technical support department to meet the requirements of the market neglecting the importance of human relations. We offer you the chance to contact us quickly and easily through a range of communication channels that are manned by humans.

  • By email, directly online through our help desk or toll-free by phone from Canada, America, Europe or any country worldwide.
  • All of our technical assistants are specially trained and able to handle simple or complex queries.
  • Our specialists at all levels are available in every city served by our managed dedicated server company.
  • We have agents present in almost every major city around the world.
  • Our response or resolution time is within the same minute for any emergency and within the hour in all other cases.
  • We keep records of our customers’ requests and of the solution provided so as to deliver an efficient proactive support.
  • We reinvest up to 35 % of our profits into improving our services to adapt them more accurately to our clients’ changing needs.
  • Our performance level and quality is warranted by our Quality Commitment and our Service Level Agreement.


Our all-inclusive dedicated web hosting features the following services:

  • Rebooting and re-installation in case of outage
  • Free initial installation, configuration and deployment of applications, software, firewalls, SSL protocol, web servers and data bases
  • SLA-certified levels of management for web server administration services
  • Ping network and TCP protocol monitoring
  • Server migration
  • Configuration of high-availability servers and managed web clusters
  • Server load balancing services
  • Alerts in case of abnormal processor, hard disk or RAID device usage
  • Debugging and failure analysis
  • Wide range of the most reliable software to choose from
  • Operation system, software and security patch updates
  • Support available online or by phone 24/7/365
  • Our experts are ready to answer all your questions.

Web server administration services

Our SLA agreement provides details in black and white of the web server administration services that we have to offer. Our experienced and reliable system engineers and managers are tasked with the duty of providing this service. Depending on your needs, you can choose from four different levels of dedicated server management services that we have to offer.

  • Fully managed dedicated servers: all-inclusive management (monitoring, software and operating system updates, restarts, security patches and unlimited support).
  • Partially managed dedicated servers: medium level of administration (monitoring, updates and limited support).
  • Self-managed dedicated servers: limited, but regular monitoring and maintenance.
  • Unmanaged dedicated servers: minimal administration.

Technical assistance for managed dedicated servers

The web hosting consultants we have at our disposal make sure that you select the hosting solution which is ideal for your requirements and is not that hard on our pocket. The other technical services are provided by our in-house technicians, cluster managers and system engineers. They are always ready to provide you with the best post-sale service which is swift, helpful and proactive.

  • Planning, installation and use of your servers. In some cases, the deployment of your applications and data transfer from another website.
  • Maintenance, troubleshooting and servicing of your dedicated servers.
  • Configuration updates and monitoring of your servers 24/7/365.

Since its establishment, in 2010, our technical support and managed web server administration services have become more specialized, diversified and personalized, but they remain client-oriented above all. Therefore, effective help is always at hand and fast.

Our managed web service administration services and technical support department was established in 2010 and since then it has undergone many changes. It has become more customizable, specific and versatile but it still remains user-friendly. This is the reason why help is always easy to find and quickly available.


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